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Court MandatedChildren of
Divorce Workshop




Based on a successful seven year program from Wichita, Kansas, Humboldt County has mandated through local Court Rule #9.6 that, after filing for dissolution or separate maintenance, those parties with dependant children will be required to attend an educational program design to inform parents of the effects of divorce on their children. This program is mandatory and must be attended within four (4) months of filing.

• Both parties must attend. They may attend separate sessions if emotion does not allow attendance together.

• The parties, or counsel, may schedule the program before the first court appearance.

• The court will order attendance at the program within 45 days of the first court appearance. (Waiting until this time results in less time to comply.)

• Failure to comply within the time frames set forth may result in monetary sanctions.

(Effective November 1, 1987)




Divorce and long term separation are now experienced by 45 out of every 100 children born yearly in the United States. In 1986, 643 minor children in Humboldt County experienced divorce in their families. According to research, these children are at increased risk for developing social, emotional and school problems following the divorce of their parents.

The ability of the children to make an appropriate adjustment depends largely on minimizing ongoing parental conflict that specifically involves the child. Since divorce is the end of the parents' marriage but not the child's family, one goal of the workshop is to help parents understand what types of new parental interactions will be most helpful to their child's healthy adjustment.


The workshop will also present parenting issues that are likely to occur at the time of divorce and suggest ways to deal with them.



The four-hour educational workshop presents material about the potential impact of divorce on children, and how negative effects can be minimized. The program has been designed to help divorcing parents understand the needs of their children before, during, and after the divorce. These needs vary with the children's ages.




Workshop fee is $50.00 per person. For those who qualify for a fee waiver when filing their divorce papers (or response papers), the workshop fee will also be waived.



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